Harness the Internet phenomena Facebook, the world’s largest social network with in excess of 900+ million active monthly users. Facebook Advertising involves placing text and image adverts on Facebook among the other content. This is achieved through 5 forms of on-page advertising:

1) Facebook Ads – these are ads from a specific company (with no social interaction content) which appear right of users’ profile and newsfeeds. Clicking through takes users to an external landing page.

2) Sponsored Stories – user interaction with the product or service your company is promoting generates these posts which also appear on the user’s friends’ newsfeeds i.e., sponsored stories appear to users yet to engage with your brand.

3) Promoted Posts – these are aimed at enhancing the visibility of specific offers, events, images or announcements and, once clicked, direct users to a particular offer on your company’s Facebook page.

4) Sponsored Apps – available to businesses with applications on Facebook, this option allows your company to sponsor an app.

5) Event Sponsorship – increase attendance at events by displaying your company’s event advert to those potentially interested or likely to sign up for the event.

Facebook Advertising allows companies to maximise ROI by pinpointing their target audience through educational background, location (country, city), demographic (age, gender), workplace, interests, and ‘likes’. Targeting your ads is an essential element of your Facebook marketing strategy serving to reduce or streamline advertising spend so you only pay to have your company’s ads appear to potential customers. Audience criteria can be adjusted on the fly in response to your lead generation needs. Lead volume too low? Then broaden your audience to include ‘anyone’, ‘people connected/not connected to your brand’, ‘friends of connections’ or use advanced targeting i.e., target users connected to specific brands followed by your target audience. Facebook can optionally auto-optimise your marketing campaign (manual configuration is also available) by setting your cost-per-click (CPC) or cost per thousand impressions (CPM) to ensure you get the highest amount of clicks or impressions for the budget you have set. More recent forms of advertising include ‘sponsored results’ (your company can sponsors search bar results on Facebook so your page, app, event etc., will appear in search results linked to certain profiles you have bid on) and ‘retargeting’ (ads appear right of users’ Facebook profile based on the site they have recently viewed) which are managed by third-party DPS agencies.

The sheer range of advertising options on Facebook can be a little bewildering to the uninitiated – SEO Frontier’s team expertly streamlines the process, helping you to choose between the type of ad, layout, text, and marketing spend most suited to your business goals.

SEO Frontier works with clients to create, plan and execute a comprehensive Facebook marketing strategy. During the initial consultation with our team, we outline how to segment your company’s target audience to maximise ROI and clicks/impressions. We guide you through the entire process, advising you on how to best create Facebook Ads with insider knowledge and tips on the most effective copy and practices.

SEO Frontier’s Facebook Advertising Service includes:

– Consultation to understand your company’s message, objectives and USPs.

– Identify your company’s target audience(s) and estimate the required advertising budget.

– Copywriting and design service (ads and Facebook pages) from our in-house team.

– Ongoing reporting and feedback (conversion rates, clicks and impressions) to help you fine-tune and optimise your campaign.

Once implemented, SEO Frontier provides ongoing support so you can use your results and statistics to further polish your marketing strategy.

Contact us today so we can develop a tailored Facebook Marketing proposal.