Online Display Advertising is one of the more ‘traditional’ approaches to online marketing involving digital forms of display (images & text) advertising. Despite the ubiquitous text-only search engine advert (think Google AdWords), online display advertising remains a powerful, compelling way of grabbing attention and effectively branding your company. With Google Display Network, your company can reach 90% of all internet users through Google services including YouTube, Blogger, and Gmail.

Text-only paid adverts are an effective means of achieving high rankings on search engine results (click here for details on our PPC services) but are sometimes poorly suited to advertising more complex products and services where more subtle ideas need to be conveyed. It is here that online display advertising comes into its own:

1) Build your brand online while driving traffic to your site – more ROI.

2) Distinguish yourself from the competition – a compelling display advert commands attention in ways text-only adverts cannot.

3) Convey the quality of your product or service visually. First impressions still count.

4) Generate more awareness about your company and reengage existing clients.

5) Use arresting, provocative copy to drive traffic – great for last-minute deals and promotions.

6) Create a cohesive, seamless off and online marketing campaign.

7) Pinpoint potential clients through topics targeting

8) Use metrics through click-throughs to gauge adverts’ effectiveness & fine-tune them for optimal results.

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