Creating Positive Brand Sentiments Online

People are becoming increasingly aware that what happens online sticks around forever; this is of particular importance to businesses or organizations that depend on being able to build goodwill over time. If too much negative sentiment is expressed about a product or service online, a business can take some serious damage in terms of revenue as potential customers decide to stay away from them rather than making a purchase with them.

Conversely, having a good reputation online can be a boon for business of all shapes and stripes. As people increasingly rely on the opinions of their friends and families to gather purchasing information about products they are interested in, having a great online reputation can help your name be passed around via social media in these circles.

Why Your Business May Need Online Reputation Management

In a perfect world, people would only use online channels to report real, actual lapses in service, which companies would then diligently work to correct. However, things don’t work this way in the real world, and you may find that it is easier than you think for one disgruntled employee or dissatisfied customer to do damage to your business far disproportionate to any alleged offense.

Because the Internet is so unregulated, people can essentially say whatever they wish under the cover of anonymity. In fact, it isn’t unheard of for companies to deliberately sabotage their competitors by defaming them online and across social media.

Your business may have been the target of one of these attacks, and you may now find your organization is suffering on an ongoing basis because people find negative reviews or commentary about your business, rather than the products or services you offer for sale, driving them away. Worst of all, you may find yourself powerless to do anything to repair the damage.

How Our Service Can Help

If your business has been the target of a smear campaign online, all is not lost. At SEO Frontier, we have a tried and true method to help repair damage to your online reputation and get your business back on the right track regarding public opinion. Here are the basics of how it works:

  • Research Brand Related Keywords – We research and identify brand related keywords associated with bad press about your company, and set up media alerts for them.

  • Create Sites With Positive Spin – We create various Web 2.0 sites associated with those keywords, all of which feature positive content.

  • Optimize/SEO Sites – We then optimize the sites to rank well for the same keywords associated with the negative information. Ultimately, our sites will push any negative information off page one and farther down into the search results.

Studies consistently show that people hardly ever go beyond the first page of results when it comes to performing searches, so once you have successfully buried the negative comment, you are essentially home free.