Pay Per Click (PPC) involves bidding on keywords (search terms that prospective clients use to search for goods and services via a search engine) on the major search engines Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The amount you bid on a keyword determines your position/rank in the paid advertisement section of search engine results.

PPC is an effective way of kick-starting a marketing campaign on a shoe-string – you pay only when you advertisement is clicked – and driving traffic to your site rapidly. Unlike organic SEO campaigns (click here for details) which build your site’s ranking gradually and consistently over the long-term, PPC campaigns produce almost immediate results. For this reason, SEO Frontier often recommends that clients use PPC to complement a SEO campaign in the early stages as both forms of online marketing create a powerful, synergetic effect.

Equally, in very competitive markets, PPC may be the difference that makes the difference as intense competition from SEO companies all struggling to get (limited in number) first page rankings for their clients may render a SEO campaign that only achieves second or third page rankings redundant.

SEO Frontier’s managed PPC AdWord campaigns are an excellent way of fine-tuning the optimal use of keywords for your website and SEO content (blogs, social media posts etc.) as responses can be tracked and campaigns adjusted on the fly. We specialise in PPC Management – our approach involves focusing on enhancing clients’ return on ad spend (ROAS). SEO Frontier’s highly experienced PPC team achieves this by increasing conversion rates and reducing the cost-per-click. Beyond improving clients’ long-term advertising efficiency and their sites’ visibility, SEO Frontier’s PPC Management service frequently results in measurable increases in sales conversion rates.

For many SMEs, PPC offers a low risk way of dipping their toes into online marketing and determining the results without significant outlay. It is also a good way to promote time sensitive offers, last-minute deals and the like.

SEO Frontier prides itself on a transparent and streamlined PPC management service:

  • Keyword research and analysis into competitors’ activity is the first critical step.

  • Once we have determined the most effective keywords to use, we set up a PPC advertising account. We can either offer a fully managed service or advise on user-friendly bid management software to help you track and manage your campaign in-house.

  • Next we set a monthly PPC budget based on your needs and the amount you wish to invest. The agreed budget will determine the number of keywords and number of click-throughs from prospective clients interested in your online advert.

  • Daily, weekly or monthly reports are available for you to track the amount of traffic and effectiveness of keywords. The quality of the traffic (conversion to sales), landing pages, and keyword selection can all be monitored and honed on a regular basis.

The above is a generic outline of the service we provide – please contact SEO Frontier for a proposal tailored to your expectations and budget.