Increase Top of Mind Awareness with Consumers

As businesses continue to grow more sophisticated in how they use the Web to drive the generation of revenue, new techniques continue to emerge which can drastically help these businesses improve their conversion rates and the ROI of their inbound marketing campaigns.

Retargeting is one of these newer techniques, and it offers a fabulous opportunity for savvy business owners to add a new angle to their online marketing campaigns that can help them reach their target demographic with extreme accuracy.  Businesses that successfully utilize retargeting in their ad campaigns will see significant improvements to their bottom line as nearly every measurable marketing metric will improve.

How Retargeting Works

In a nutshell, retargeting is reaching out to people who have either specifically visited your site in the past, or who have performed searches related to your targeted keywords.  Computers never forget a visitor, which make recognizing these and targeting them directly a very simple task.

Want to reach out to women between the ages of 24-46 who have visited your site in the past three months while searching the web for information related to shoes?  Simple.  How about men, aged 30-50, searching for information on high-end televisions?  That is achievable too.  Your imagination is the limit here, and you can set up some extremely well-converting ads given a little thought and effort.

Benefits of Retargeting

The biggest and most important benefit of using retargeting is the extreme level of precision it affords your business when reaching out to potential customers.  However, there are some additional benefits to consider as well:

  • Brand Awareness – Retargeting can aid significantly with the development of brand awareness.   As people searching for specific content will be repeatedly exposed to your retargeted ads, you can make a big impact on the public consciousness regarding your brand awareness over time with just a modest investment.
  • Reach Customers at Moment of Purchase – Another huge benefit retargeted ads have is their ability to reach customers right at the moment they are actually considering making a purchase.  For example, consider the difference between two users, one of which searches for ‘televisions’, and the other searches for ‘television prices’.  Through retargeting, your business can reach people at the moment they seek to express their commercial intent.
  • ROI Easy to Evaluate – Like many other forms of online marketing, evaluating the ROI of a retargeting campaign is an extremely simple task.  Impressions, site visits, hits, clickthroughs, and sales are all tracked, which makes it easy to know whether or not you should continue to develop your retargeting ads.

As you can see, the benefits of adding a retargeting ad component to your online marketing campaign can be significant.  Contact us today if you are interested in learning more about how this powerful tool can be put to use by your business to generate revenue.