Track & Measure Your Return on Ad Spend with Web Analytics

As you embark on different types of online advertising, one of the most frequently touted benefits you will hear about is the fact that the ROAS is very measurable, making online marketing an incredibly efficient investment for most companies regardless of their product or service, and a strategic no-brainer.

This is for the most part true. However, what is it about online marketing specifically that it is so efficient compared to traditional advertising? It boils down to the usage of web analytics, and strategic decisions made based on that data. A web analytics campaign that is properly designed, implemented, and monitored will help your business become extremely precise in your outreach efforts, decreasing your marketing costs and increasing sales at the same time.

What Is Web Analytics?

Web analytics is the entire process by which you can trace a customers’ journey across the web. You can learn an incredible amount of valuable information about your target demographic through this process, as you follow them from their initial web search all the way to the point of purchase.

A good web analytics framework can help you tighten and refine your target demo, and really reach out to them in a customized and personal way. This special touch often results in phenomenal improvements to conversion rates and a huge impact on your bottom line as your marketing campaigns grow leaner and meaner with each successive implementation.

What Is Our Process?

At SEO Frontier we have developed a full web analytics and infrastructure process that we guide clients through, which helps them improve their sales flow every step of the way. Here are some of the specific techniques used in our process:

  • Goal Tracking – We help you to identify and set realistic, achievable goals for your inbound marketing campaign that will have a significant impact on the amount of revenue your company can generate.

  • Event Tracking – Utilization of sales and other specific event-based marketing techniques is another part of our process. Emphasis is placed on making full data regarding events trackable to assist with strategic choices.

  • Funnel Visualization – Care is paid to the development of your organization’s sales funnel. We help you to identify possible revenue channels that you are not yet taking full advantage of.

  • E-Commerce Tracking – For retail organizations and others who sell products directly, we offer full e-commerce setup, training, implementation, and support.

  • Multi-Channel Tracking – Our powerful web analytics platform tracks and compares sales data generated through every channel of your organization. This helps you to identify strong points, and areas which need improvement, assisting in strategic decision making.

According to data published by Google, a properly implemented web analytics program can cut customer acquisition costs faced by your organization up to 30%. The impact this can have on your marketing budget and overall revenue cannot be overstated. Contact us today to find out how it can help your business.