Over time, as more and more people have gotten access to high speed internet, their browsing habits have evolved and changed.  Web pages are no longer simple constructions consisting of a few images and blocks of text. Nowadays there is a growing trend to feature multimedia such as video, audio, and social media content alongside with contextual content.  People have actually come to demand this sort of interactive content on sites frequently visit.

That is where YouTube advertising comes in.  Video marketing is proving to be one of the hottest and fastest growing sectors in all of online marketing, for a variety of reasons.  Online video and YouTube marketing can help your company reach out and acquire vast new swathes of new customers that simply can’t be reached these days by more conventional media channels.

Some Interesting YouTube Marketing Statistics

Studies continually are compiling statistics regarding video marketing, many of which are overwhelmingly positive.  36% of customers trust that video ads are accurate in their claims.  Video ads were the fastest growing format of any advertisement on the planet, traditional and new media both included, in 2012.  When video ads are deployed correctly (in-stream ads having particularly good statistics) people watch the full ad almost 90% of the time.

The list of benefits associated with YouTube marketing is extensive, and those listed above are but a few of the most obvious.  One of the less obvious benefits, but nonetheless hugely impactful in terms of marketing and advertising, is that video content isn’t nearly as saturated with search engine optimization as text content is.  This means that your business has a real chance to break into keywords that have been on lockdown for years through the clever application of video marketing content.

How We Use Video Marketing to Help Your Business

At SEO Frontier, we use video marketing in a variety of ways to help your business reach marketing targets and generate new revenue.  Our basic process involves:

  • Video Creation – We create solid, valuable video content based around your products, services, brand, and targeted keywords, designed to engage customers over the long term.
  • Promotion – We post this content on a variety of media and video sharing sites, such as YouTube, and run an organized social media promotion around the video content.
  • Analytics – We use our robust analytics and tracking capabilities to constantly monitor and tweak the campaign to improve conversion rates and fix and problems which crop up.

Video marketing will continue to evolve and develop, and [COMPANY NAME] will continue to learn the latest and greatest YouTube marketing techniques as they are developed, and endeavor to turn them to the benefit of your business.